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Super Solvent Resistant Labels

If you need a super solvent resistant label, Labelmatch has just the material and ribbon for your application. Our super solvent resistant material and ribbon resist toluene, acetone, MEK, hexane, ethanol, IPA and brake fluid, allowing you to eliminate the need for plastic overlaminates in many applications, reducing production to a one step process and eliminating cost. 

Labelmatch’s RP-SSRR Super Solvent Resistant Resin is a patented formula that has been designed to provide super solvent resistance when used as a matched set with RP-2008 label media. RP-2008 is a polypropylene based stock that can be die cut to order based on your label application.

We have printed label samples for you to test for yourself! Contact your Labelmatch customer service representative for quotes and label samples.  Call 1.800.726.7334, 8:30 am EST to 5:00 pm EST or email us any time.

A brief brochure is available, as well.

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